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Pop out Windows in Chrome Vanishing

Claire Holtham

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Since Monday a curious thing has been happening (in Chrome only, it doesn't do it in Internet Explorer), under quite specific circumstances the pop-out box just vanishes.

- put a call on hold , (a pop out box launches), - and enter a reason, and then try to select that typed reason by click-and-drag,  if you select the text slightly too exuberantly so that your pointer goes off the pop out box to the left, the pop out box just vanishes (try it for yourself it does it every time)

One of our more flamboyant help-desk staff has been getting it a lot.

I wondered if you were aware, and if anything could be done?



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 @Claire Holtham is not that new, certainly happened before Monday and not isolated to On Hold popup box. This is an issue with one of the components (bootstrap CSS framework) we use in Hornbill interface. There are some details of this here: https://github.com/angular-ui/bootstrap/issues/5810. Basically not a Hornbill issue "per se" but an issue with a component used by Hornbill. There are some fixes we applied for this in the next Core Collaboration update. May I ask your flamboyant help-desk staff to bear with us until we deploy this update? :) 

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