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Data Privacy Notice / Term of Service BPM Help

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I want to set up the following BPM for the customer portal so that the first time anyone access the portal, they only see on service (called terms of service). Once the terms of service have been agreed to and submitted, the submitter should be automatically subscribed to other services in the catalogue.


has anyone done anything similar before or could share how to build this BPM?

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This should be achievable through the iBridge (Cloud Automation) node:

If you subscribe the customer to the ToS Service (and only that Service) as part of their provisioning, they will only see that one Service - assuming none of your other Services are set to the default of available to everyone.

In the ToS Service's BPM you would have a Cloud Automation node set to Hornbill -- Service Manager -- Services -- Subscribe Contact to Service and subscribe them to the relevant Service here. You would also use the Unsubscribe Contact to Service feature to remove them from the ToS Service so it no longer appeared for them.

Caveat: I've not tested this. There will certainly be other steps required and probably a couple of hidden pitfalls.

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