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Hornbill does not create tickets automatically for request raised on In2IT portal

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Hi Team,

We have got IN2IT portal where user raise the request and once submitted, an automatic Service Request is created on Hornbill. It also send IT service desk an email with the reference number. 

It is not working from last week. Please find the attached workflow and let me know if there is any issue with the workflow.






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The request is not created automatically. 

We just get a notification email from the person who raised the In2IT ( attached ).

Once we receive the email, we create a manual ticket. Once the ticket is raised, then we get another email with the Ticket number ( This is the email which we are suppose to get in the first place). Please see the attached.

Notification Email.JPG

Ticket Notification.JPG

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@Prem Prakash gautam firstly, we have no idea what IN2IT portal means... from your description it looks like some sort of an external support portal. This portal is used by your customers to raise support requests, correct? I assume you have a form of integration in place that "connects" this external portal with the Hornbill instance. Based on your description it appears this is done via an email, correct? We need to have a better understanding of your environment and integrations in order to understand what the issue is and how to assist you. I'll try and summarise what I think you have in place, please confirm and/or correct me if I am wrong:

  1. your users/customers navigate to this IN2IT portal and use it to raise a support request/ticket
  2. once the user raises the request/ticket, the IN2IT portal sends an email to the Hornbill instance with the subject "logincident" and with an IN2IT request reference in the email body
  3. your analysts then raise a Hornbill request from this email or the request is created automatically (please see Notes)
  4. once the Hornbill request is raised, the workflow associated with the Hornbill request is sending a "new request raised" notification email to your Service Desk team

Notes: on your first post you mentioned that "an automatic Service Request is created in Hornbill" (I assume at step 3). On your second comment, you said: "the request is not created automatically". Can you clarify this?

Upon reviewing this thread I assume the part that's not working is Step 4, where the notification email is supposed to be sent to you Service desk team, is this correct?

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1. Yes, IN2IT is a external portal through which users raise requests.

2. Yes, it sends email to hornbill with the subject "logincident" and provides with the IN2IT reference number. 

3. Analysts do not create ticket, it used to create a ticket automatically.

4. Once Ticket ( Service Request) is created, then it used to send Service Desk with the ticket number which starts from SR00XXX.

I think process is failing on step 3. Hornbill is not creating ticket based on the input provided from IN2IT (external portal)

Additional Information: When this Ticket creation was automated, we were not getting emails with the subject "logincident", we were getting only the emails with the Service Request Tickets (SR00XXX). Now, we are getting email which the subject "logincident" and get another email with SR00XX.

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@Prem Prakash gautam ah, ok, thanks for clarifications, is much more clear now. So at Step 3 the Hornbill request was created automatically by the autoresponder mechanism or the routing rules (as known in Hornbill). It appears that for some reason the routing rules do not process the emails sent by the portal anymore. This could be for a number of reasons, but firstly I would check the following:

1. Is the autoresponder mechanism enabled? (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules) - navigate to Routing Rules section in admin tool (Home - System - Email). At the top of the list a toggle button is provided to turn the Routing Rules to being either On or Off. This setting applies to all rules in this list. For the rules to be processed, this must be set to On.

2. Is there a routing rule in place that would process the email sent by the portal?

3. Is the routing rule for processing the email sent by the portal in correct order? (it could be that there is another rule on top that is processing the email before the rule that would raise the request)

Note: the reason why you see the email sent by the portal is because when the email is processed by a routing rule it is usually moved to another folder (such as Deleted Items) this is why it appears as not being received. Now the email is not processed by routing rule therefore it will be moved to Inbox therefore much more visible to the users monitoring the mailbox.

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