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Raising a new ticket from a email


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Afternoon all,

We are only just starting to use our mailbox in  Hornbill to update and create tickets from.
We have noticed that when you click the "Raise Request" Button


At no point in the call logging process does it pull across the email details, It doesn't add it automatically as an attachment and it doesn't pull the information from the email into the description or the timeline. (like it does when you pick the apply to request button)
Should this be happening, as it seems very strange to log a ticket from a email in the mailbox if its not going to pull the email information across?
Or is there something we should be doing to make this happen?

Many thanks


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@yelyah.nodrog as you Victor says above you can use Progressive Capture forms to populate the request with the email content. 

A few considerations.

* You can branch your progressive capture on source i.e email and display different forms if needed. 

* Using the Request Details form, will populate the email subject line into the request summary, and body into the details - it will be visible and editable if needed

* Using the default attachment form will show any attachments to the email, and give you the change to remove any which you may not want adding - like signature images etc 

We also have a change due shortly which will not require the use of the request details default form (if not desired), but instead you can use a custom form and custom fields and use this to map the email subject and body into the request (Due in the next couple of weeks)

Having said all of this, you can also define a progressive capture just for using when raising from email, this progressive capture flow can be set here:


Admin console > Applications > Service Manager > Settings 


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