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Authoriser from Capture Task field

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@Giuseppe Iannacone the short answer is yes, I have this working on my instance.

And by this i mean i can use the variable picker on an authorisation node, and inject the answer from a custom task question as the approver. 

Could you post any error messages you are seeing, or what is not working for you?

The only error i am able to create, is if the co-worker i add is a of type BasicBasic users can't be assigned approvals or tasks, so an error is thrown.  If the chosen user is of type user this should work fine.  

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@Giuseppe Iannacone you should be able to reference content from other nodes in your process - what are you looking to do?  inject variables as information for the approver?

if so an upcoming change maybe of interest to you.  In a Service Manager update due out in the next few weeks, you will now be able to provide an approver (NOT BASIC USER) with a read only view of the Change or Service Request against which they are being asked to make a decision - hence less need to inject as much information into the approval task itself.  This work is complete and will be available in the coming weeks, again not for basic users, but for your approvers (collaboration subscribers who do not have a Service Manager subscription).  

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@Steven Boardman yes, the idea is to inject additional information from a variable in other stages' node on the same process (we are by the way adding the approvers as connection to the request, so they are by the way able to see the timeline, but you know, sometimes you got very looooooooong timeline to check, so a quick overview into the task will be useful)

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@Giuseppe Iannacone makes complete sense.  

You should simply be able to use the variable picker in the authorisation details field. 

It looks like you are already trying to do this from your screenshot.

* Does the task from which you are trying to use the completion details still exist in the stage?

* Is the task in the direct path of the authorisation node in your flow - i.e it will appear before the authorisation

Just some thoughts, as you should be able to do exactly what you need, the error is suggesting that the variable you are trying to inject does not exist (anymore)


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@Giuseppe Iannacone if the task you want to reference is in another stage, then yes it will be not be accessible to use to inject, so you would need to copy the completion reason into a custom filed, then in the stage which has the approval node, you will need to use a Get Request Details node before the approval node(to load the latest request info into the current stage), and then inject the values from the custom field into the approval details field.

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