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Instance had a wobble?


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Did anyone notice any issues with Hornbill just now (10:38 - 10:41)

I had a couple of staff mention they had errors....

Its all good now


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Our instance is having problems today - it had a wobble 10 mins ago and just now (11:43).

It has come back each time after approx 2 mins. We tested externally (on our iphones and got the errors).



When trying to open our service portal:


Can you check the logs and see if anything can explain this (Health check and Status didn't show anything).

Just to confirm it is ok now.

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@nasimg there is an intermittent issue causing high loads on one some database servers which can cause such interruptions :( ... We are currently looking to understand exactly what is causing this and looking to implement measures to prevent disruptions (we are already working on some).

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