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Inbound email - Not pulling in body of email


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What do you see if you click on the "email" link (which shows the original email the Request was logged from) under Source?
(I'm assuming here that the Request was raised from email as you mention the footer being displayed in the Details section)

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@chriscorcoran - when creating a request, Hornbill uses the Plain Text part from an email (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIME) to populate the request details. What happened on this occasion was that the email in question did not have all the body included in the Plain Text part (it was only included in the HTML part). The only bit that existed in the Plain Text was the footer. I can speculate here thinking that the email sender configured the email to only have an HTML part and during transit a mail server injected a footer (usually a disclaimer of sorts) both as Plain Text and HTML. The email then arrived in Hornbill having some of the body only as HTML and some of the body, the injected bit, as both Plain Text and HTML.

A quick way to check this is to navigate to that email in the Email interface and click on this button:


If you only have the footer displayed while in "Text Format" view then that's the answer...

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