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Increase size of email routing rule expression


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We have an email routing rule set up to look at subject lines of an email before they are automatically logged as a request, depending on what the subject line says. It has become necessary to increase the rule expression criteria:

subject LIKE '%text here%' OR subject LIKE '%text here%' OR subject LIKE

And so on. However, I receive an error message because it's too long now.

Would it be possible to increase the size limit of the rule expression, please?

Many thanks,

Hornbill rule expression error.jpg

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Hi Alisha,

I've moved your post to the Administration topic.  As this is query is related to Administration, having it located here helps ensure that Hornbill staff and other customers can find it more easily.  It also helps bring it to the attention of those with this area of expertise that following this topic on the Community Forum.



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