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SCCM data importing blank fields

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On testing asset importing from SCCM I have been having some problems with missing/blank fields.

I am starting with a very basic SQL query which I have tested in the SQL Server Management Studio directly on the server that SCCM sits and have been able to query/return the desired data. The basic data I want to test with is just pulling the MachineName. I am also limiting the amount of data to import to one record (as you will see below). I have added the query in to the JSON file and ran a test - it runs without errors. I have done a live import but it doesn't populate the MachineName field in Hornbill. I have also tried added a few more fields to the query in case the data is too small but nothing imports apart from a blank record.

Here is the data - 

"Query": "SELECT sys.Netbios_Name0 AS [MachineName] FROM cm_int.dbo.System_DISC sys"
"AssetTypes": [{
"AssetType": "Laptop - TEST ONLY",
"Query": "where sys.Netbios_Name0 = 'laptop name'",
"AssetIdentifier": {
"DBColumn": "MachineName",
"Entity": "Asset",
"EntityColumn": "h_name"
"AssetGenericFieldMapping": {
"h_name": "[MachineName]",
"h_site": "",
"h_asset_tag": "",
"h_acq_method": "",
"h_actual_retired_date": "",
"h_beneficiary": "",
"h_building": "",
"h_cost": "",
"h_cost_center": "",
"h_country": "",
"h_created_date": "",
"h_deprec_method": "",
"h_deprec_start": "",
"h_description": "",
"h_disposal_price": "",
"h_disposal_reason": "",
"h_floor": "",
"h_geo_location": "",
"h_invoice_number": "",
"h_location": "",
"h_location_type": "",
"h_maintenance_cost": "",
"h_maintenance_ref": "",
"h_notes": "",
"h_operational_state": "",
"h_order_date": "",
"h_order_number": "",
"h_owned_by": "",
"h_product_id": "",
"h_received_date": "",
"h_residual_value": "",
"h_room": "",
"h_scheduled_retire_date": "",
"h_supplier_id": "",
"h_supported_by": "",
"h_used_by": "",
"h_version": "",
"h_warranty_expires": "",
"h_warranty_start": ""
"AssetTypeFieldMapping": {
"h_name": "[MachineName]",
"h_mac_address": "",
"h_net_ip_address": "",
"h_net_computer_name": "",
"h_net_win_domain": "",
"h_model": "",
"h_manufacturer": "",
"h_cpu_info": "",
"h_description": "",
"h_last_logged_on": "",
"h_last_logged_on_user": "",
"h_memory_info": "",
"h_net_win_dom_role": "",
"h_optical_drive": "",
"h_os_description": "",
"h_os_registered_to": "",
"h_os_serial_number": "",
"h_os_service_pack": "",
"h_os_type": "",
"h_os_version": "",
"h_physical_disk_size": "",
"h_serial_number": "",
"h_cpu_clock_speed": "",
"h_physical_cpus": "",
"h_logical_cpus": "",
"h_bios_name": "",
"h_bios_manufacturer": "",
"h_bios_serial_number": "",
"h_bios_release_date": "",
"h_bios_version": "",
"h_max_memory_capacity": "",
"h_number_memory_slots": "",
"h_net_name": "",
"h_subnet_mask": ""

Hornbill import 1.PNG

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Hi @MikeW,

I've just given your config a whirl through v1.2.0 of the import tool (with a number of non-visible characters stripped out - I presume these were added by this forum though), and have been unable to replicate your issue :( Could you re-run the tool with the -dryrun=true command line parameter, and post the log file output so I can take a look, please?



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