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Delay in Chat Message Delivery

Prem Prakash gautam

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When user contact us and we send a response, there is a delay of about 2 minutes but if user just click on the "Type message" box, user get the message instantly.

Example: If I send 3-4 messages to the user, user would not see it if he does not click in the box. Or, user can wait for 2-3 minutes and he will get the message.

Also, when user is cancelling or closing the chat, he should get a warning box "Do you want to close the chat" and based on the selection, it should close. If user close the chat accidentally, it should resume with the same transaction ID rather than a new one. Let me know if these features are available with hornbill chat.  

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I noticed this has already been logged but there had been no response for it.


Hence I thought I would log it again.


 We have just setup Chat to test, but noticed there is a delay on most messages, sometimes they appear fairly quickly (a few seconds) however the majority can take upto 30 seconds or more and than all messages appear at the same time.


Is there a fix for this?





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it appears that part of the issue is if either side of the chat sends a message it doesn't update for the recipient unless they start typing..as soon as they start typing it seems to update any messages that have been sent.

If you are not actually typing in the chat box it doesn't seem to update the conversation.


Everything else seems quite straight forward and works well, but I think this could be the difference between whether this is a usable function or not.



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Hi @lee mcdermott

We are looking into whats wrong, its a little strange and we need to investigate.  There were some browser changes a while back where notifications were delayed until you are focused on that browser tab, it might be something to do with that, and possibly browser notification settings.  We are looking at it as a priority, but it will probably take us a few days, please bear with us and someone will post back here once we know more. 


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