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Configuring screen for new Employee Portal

Frank Reay

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We want to start using the new Connections functionality but this is only available in the Employee portal at live.hornbill.com/<Your Instance>/my-services

To configure the screen for the Service Portal (service.hornbill.com/<Your Instance>), which we currently use, we go to Home/System/Manage Portals/Customise Service Portal. However that does not seem to FULLY control the above Employee portal -  we can see some changes appear in both portals. But in the Employee Portal, we cannot for example remove the words 'Follow Us' near the bottom, cannot remove an annoying 0 in the top left and cannot remove 'Requests Awaiting Feedback' as we don't currently use Feedback functionality. Also our Home Page image is not correct (not fully visible) but we don't want to fiddle around with that as we suspect it will affect the Service Portal which our users are continually using.

Are we missing something?


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