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Hornbill staff specialise role title

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Hello all,

I just had a thought and perhaps it would help us to identify of which staff have specialise role in Hornbill area and when I checked on "Staff" I realise, I would have to hover each staff to try and find out what they are specialise in which is time consuming.

@Gerry @Victor

I wonder if I can ask for to add specialise role title underneath the staff profile or perhaps to have teams for each staff to put into that they work in or something like that? There are some staff that are "Hornbill Developer" but of what?


If I have an idea/suggestion of the feature/additional wording for Asset Management, it would be good to know who to tag or tag the team (perhaps it may pop up to suggest who to tag based on the information I provided) that are specialise in that area. Which means I would have the right person to response and confirm whether they can/can’t action on my request. Hope this make sense to you guys?

Aaron :ph34r:

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@Aaron Summers

I would be a little uncomfortable doing that to be honest, for individual developers or other "generally non-customer-facing Hornbill folk" being targeted with specific questions that could cause some problems,  I do encourage all Hornbill staff to be part of our community, to read, contribute and help where they can, and our people are fantastic, they do and as a result it builds a great community.  However, developers and other folk that work behind the scenes are not always available or free to respond to questions, sometimes they are busy or have to focus on other things.  So targeting individuals with questions might lead to un-responded posts and questions, which would not help anyone. Also, if you target a question / suggestion to a specific individual, others are less likely to jump in.  I would suggest its better to target topics and allow the organic participation of all  community members, customers and Hornbill staff alike, that would be the best for the overall success of our community forums.

Does that make sense?


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Totally understood, which is why I posted it here first to ask about it and understand from your point of view, after all it a aim to post it in the community and have everyone to collaboration together on this. Thank you for a swift response. :)

Aaron :ph34r:

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