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New Update: Hornbill Document Manager (356)


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The latest build of Hornbill Document Manager (356) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Added Lifecycle processes to Documents allowing you to create BPM automations which can be launched from the document details page
  • Add ability to create document from external links
  • Added BPM operation to set Document review date
  • Added BPM operations for Change Status, getDocumentOwnersManager, getLibraryOwner
  • Added BPM operations for Publish to library, post to timeline, and get document info


  • when linking documents to other entities (such as requests, organisations etc) you can now use tag search to find documents to link
  • Add document card type to Boardmanager's card type simple list so it can be selected as a type in the BPM list
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