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AdBlock removes Pin when viewing a Request!

Frank Reay

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I am not sure if this has been raised before but I can't find it!

When viewing a Request you can use Pins to hold open the HUD and also Customer info, Details etc. This is 'sticky' so is like a profile setting.

One of our users could not see the Pin (in Firefox or Chrome) which got our heads scratching.

Eventually we found the answer - in both his browsers the AdBlock add-on was making the Pin vanish. Switch off the add-on and there is the Pin. Bizarre but true!

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Have tested this and I'm still able to see the pin icon when I have Adblock installed by default, Adblock creates rules on what to block based on what ads you have blocked in the passed - so probably something has been blocked manually which has created a rule that is also blocking the pin icon on the BPM HUD.  I think this issue will be specific to the adblock rules the user has so ther is not much we can do, but you can disable Adblock just for Hornbil by clicking on the Adblock icon and selecting 'Don't Run on pages on this Site'



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