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Online/Offline Analyst


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I've just implemented the automatic assigning of calls via BPM to Most Available Analyst and have a couple of questions.

1. I've left the "assign to offline" on for now but if I turn this off and no analysts are online when a call is logged via Self Service does it just sit and wait for someone to come online?

2. My analysts sometimes "forget" to log out and the end of the day - can this be forced in the Admin section at all?

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Simon,

1. I believe that if there are no available support staff it will just get assigned to the team.

2. There is this setting that is available under System->Settings->Advanced Settings. By default it is set to 8 hours.  You do need to be careful with this as you don't always want to be kicking people out when they are on lunch or in a meeting.  


I hope this helps


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