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Asset form stuck on loading

Claire Holtham

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Bit of a weird one.

From our self-service portal we can raise incidents fine.

From within the Analysts portal, only some people can raise incidents (fortunately our First Line Service Desk can)

Other teams get as far as trying to load the 'Asset' form (which is just the standard asset form) and then it just hangs.

It was fine (I'm told) last week, and was definitely working 4th July. Any clue what is going on here, and what the fix might be??




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Usually I would suggest that if some users can access the assets but not others, this would be down to roles.  There were some updates to the Progressive Capture Asset form recently.  Be sure to see if you are on the latest update of Service Manager.  It would also be worth looking at some of the new settings which have been provided on the new Progressive Capture asset form.


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