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Hornbill - Wallboard Licence

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We are starting to put key information from honrbill on to a wallboard.  At present we are using the Admin account to display this which does not sit right with me for obvious reasons.  Is there a wallboard licence that could be used rather than a full user account?

Does anyone have any tips about what they show on the wallboards? 


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@Nick Brailsford you have to use a full licence unfortunately but as we allow multiple log ons we only use one account to display around 10 wallboards around the business. 

If you are only using the wallboard for Service Desk stuff we have 4 pages on the slide show (though some widgets are mirrored on other pages) showing things like (in no particular order):

Unread emails in Service Desk inbox

Total number of SRs logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week)

Total number IN logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week)

Number of requests assigned per analyst

Number of requests open and breached

Total number of all requests in queue

Total number of all requests closed this week

Total number of requests unassigned

Requests assigned per analyst


IT Security show things like: 

Number of Security bulletins per month

Number of SOC alerts per month

Total number of open requests

Number of requests open by anayst


I think you just need to work out what info will be useful for the SD team leader / manager to have without having to navigate to a dashboard they have set up from views. Requests per analyst helps here as they just have to look up to see the most available analyst rather than go to an analysts stack or create a view etc. 

We also use some of the wallboard info in a separate dashboard to cut and paste into the monthly SLT report to make the reporting a lot easier as well. 


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Good morning all,

We have tried this approach (just creating one full paid for licence user called 'Hornbill Dashboard') to have a slideshow displaying on three screens around the business (2 here in Bristol with me & 1 in South Africa), and when the 2nd session is logged in it kicks out the 1st one and on the 1st one we get this message.


Clicking yes, then causes the above message to display on the 2nd session, indicating we can only have one session logged in using the user 'Hornbill Dashboard' at a time.

Our impression was, based off this thread and conversations pre Switch-On, that we only needed to pay for one licence to achieve what we need, but this appears not to be the case.

Is anyone else getting this issue.  In case it's relevant, we are using SSO.


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@Steven Cotterell you need to add "?ESPBasic=true" after your business tag, so admin.hornbill.com/BUSINESS/?ESPBasic=true

This only works on the admin console and the account needs to have a password set but it allows SSO bypass. 

I think there is also a setting to allow concurrent logons but if there is I cant find it I'm afraid. 

Using the SSO bypass does work though. We are doing that exact thing on multiple monitors around the business at the moment. 

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@Dan Munns @Steven Cotterell

The setting you are referring to is communications.multiLoginUser. It's a read only setting meaning it cannot be changed via the admin tool.

Use this option to control concurrent access to the system by a single user. If set to 'allow' then a user may log in as many times as the systems license or hard limits will permit. If set to 'kick' the user will be allowed to log in and any previous session will be closed. If set to 'reject' then the user will not be allowed to log in if they are already logged in to the system.

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Thanks @Victor, so can we use this setting to allow the 3 sessions needed for the Dashboard screens, 2 for here in the UK and 1 for the office in South Africa?

If this is the way to achieve what we need, you've alluded to this being a read-only setting which we cannot change.  Is this something that Hornbill Staff would need to do for our instance?

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Good morning @Dan Munns, when you get the opportunity, can you check in your instance and see if this setting is set to 'allow' for you please?  Ours is set to 'kick'.


If yours is set to 'allow', just want to know how to go about getting this changed.

@Victor, I appreciate you were snowed under yesterday with the outage, but if you have the opportunity this morning/today to review this it would be very much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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