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Creating Charts/Dashboards


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I'm trying to create a chart against a View on the Request List...

View is working and when I then go to the chart tab I can create and show a preview of a chart but when I click Save a red error box flashes up for a micro second (too fast to read!) and the chart then isn't saved... if i close the edit box and go back to edit the view no charts are showing.

Is there a log I can check to see what the error its throwing is?

This does only appear to be happening to my login and I have |Full admin rights?!

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By clicking Save a lot I can sort of see the error.... its something like

Input parameter validation error

the element <feature> was expected at location "

flowcode addChart


looked at logs and can't see anything that seems relevant.

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@SimonSheldon thanks for that.  I have created exactly the same view and chart and it previews and saves no issue :(  

Are you doing this in chrome?  if so, or if you could perhaps you could try this.

Go to more tools > developer Tools


Could you then set the drop down to Console


Finally there is an icon (no entry) - if you click on this it will clear the console history.  

Now if you try to create the chart and save it with the console open, when the error appears - is there an error shown in the console?  if so could you expand it, take a screen shot and share it here?



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I had this same issue, I cleared browser cache and it started working (I think)

That's twice in a week though I've had to clear browser cache to resolve an SM error. I thought it was me, but interesting others are seeing the same issue.

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