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Attachments removed when using email routing


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I have managed to set up an email routing rule that will raise a service request for any email sent to change@... The idea is for staff to raise a change request using a word change request form which will be stored in SharePoint and reviewed.  If a change is authorised then a change will be raised in Hornbill and follow that BPM.

The problem I have is that the word attachment gets removed when the ticket is raised in service manager

All help appreciated - or recommendation on how you deal with Change Management that isn't just IT related.

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@Steffen a couple of things here:

Firstly we are currently investigating:

* The ability to add attachments when raising or updating a request via email routing rules ( Caveat -  subject to any unforeseen technical blockers in development we will look to add this capability)

* Providing a Change Approver a Read Only View of the change if they are a platform / collaborator user (i.e not a basic user), allowing them to view the change, documents etc to make an informed decision. 

These developments are currently going through the development cycle and we can post here once they are available, or if there are any issues. 

Secondly Have you considered using the self service in Hornbill, allowing your staff to submit change requests via the portal and use the add attachment option here?  you can replicate your external change form in a progressive capture.  You can offer this for both IT change and Non IT Changes and have these routed to different internal Change teams using the services and business process designer. 

I do not that you are doing your change approval before submitting the changes so maybe this is not an option for you, as approvers of change in Hornbill would need to be platform / collaborators (not full blown Service Manager users), and this subscription maybe a consideration 

Hope this info is useful 

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We have recently provided an update in the Service Manager build 1816 that allows you to enable the adding of attachments to a request when the request is created or updated from an email.

Creating a New Request

In Administration under Home > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Email > Routing Rule Templates, you can now enable an option to include attachments that have been sent with the email on the new request.  This will apply for each Routing Rule Template where it has been enabled. 


Updating an Existing Request

When an email automatically updates an existing request using the Routing Rules, you can have the attachments that have been sent with the email, automatically added to the request that is being updated.  The Service Manager settings are:

app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.IN  - Add attachments when updating an Incident

app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.SR - Add attachments when updating a service request

These setting apply to ALL requests of the specified type.



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