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Change user details in Hornbill administrator


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Hi all, looking for some advice.

We created a user in our Active Directory, for reasons too dull to go into there were issues with the user account so we had to create a new one for the person in question and delete the original. However, the user has since reported that he is unable to raise calls from the user portal and upon investigation I have found that his original user ID has been imported to Hornbill, not the amended one. I am unable to change the user id even when logged in as the admin user.

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Hi Derek,

We might need a bit more info.  That is correct that you can't change the ID of a user, but you should be able to change the name or handle.  On import from AD you may find that if all the info about the user is the same, other than the ID that you may see an error on your import suggesting that there are duplicate handles.  I would start with looking at any errors being displayed with the import and we can go from there. 



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