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Turn off reply from mailbox


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Is there a way to turn off email replying and forwarding from the email mailbox? The purpose would be to force analysts to create a request from the email and not work them from the mailbox.

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There are details and suggested around the rights that can be used for access to the mailbox here.  While you can't prevent replying and forwarding on their own, you can make it so that they don't have access to the mailbox view using the suggested rights in the documentation.  This can work well for users that do not need to manually process emails in the mailbox and only need to read and send email from within the request.



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@James Ainsworth

Thanks for the answer. However our analyst do need to manually process emails since they quite often need editing before creating a request (cleaning up signatures etc.).

Would turning the forward/reply controls on and off through a system setting be something that can be implemented in the future?


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