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Report on Calls Resolved within 1 Day and 3 Days


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Is it possible to report on Calls resolved within 1 Day and 3 Days as this will soon be set out as out SLA's and we will need to be able to report on this criteria for all tickets. 

Any help is appreciated. 


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Hi @Haroon

Will your new SLA's be one for 1 day and another for 3 days, and you will want to see if they where resolved within their specified 1 or 3 day target? If so when you have your SLA's and Service targets (1 day & 3 Days) set you can use the request list views, Service Manager reports and admin console reports to report on requests which have been resolved within fix 

In the Service Manager Reports you could go > Productivity > Closed Requests > Custom Report and some options like this


Where the conditions are closed, and within resolve time is true (for those which met their target) and create the same report but set to false to those which did not meet their target.  

I have included the SLA and Service Level Columns in the display columns and grouped by Service Level, giving something like below.


This will only show for new requests from the point you introduce your service levels, not the historical calls.

If you wanted to look back on all requests which where resolved in 1 or 3 days from the logged date there will be SQL for this, but i thought i would start with seeing exactly what you needed and if the SLA approach would give you what you need?

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