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Auto Raise ticket in Different Catalog Under Same Service

Logan Graham

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help, I might be just being blind but I cannot see a way to auto raise a ticket using BPM or at least I cannot get it to work. 

Attached is what I currently have set up but basically I have a task set to raise a major inc and I have another BPM set up to deal with major inc's this is under another catalog call "IT Support Major Incident" but I have set this in the options in the node but it still raises it as the top catalog and not the catalog I want.


Logan G


BPM Maj inc.PNG

Catalog maj inc.PNG

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@Logan Graham  I have tried to replicate but don't seem to be able to.

My Config is as follows:


Where the catalog item is the display name for the catalog item of the Service. 

And this is the Incident which was auto spawned from another Incident (with the correct Service and Catalog Item)


One thought i have is if you have of the Copy values populated  lower down in the config of that node?  for example Service / catalog item? as these would override any manual inputs you may have set above?

Or are you on the latest Service Manager Update?


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