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Link an Asset to Customer when captured in a PCF

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Hi All

I have recently got the asset picker working within our progressive captures, and wanted to just enquire if I capture an asset as a custom field in a Progressive Capture does this automatically link the asset to the Customer ? If not is there anyway to automate linking the asset? Before this was fixed I had asset picker working by using one of the other drop down options, and when using this there was a 'Link Asset' button shown to link the asset within the Progressive Capture process so I wanted to understand if this is something that will be automatically done, or would the Analyst dealing have to link the asset?

Many thanks!

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Hi Adrian,

At the moment the linking of the asset to the request would have to be done manually if you are using the custom progressive capture form to select an asset.  We do have some plans to introduce some BPM options around assets which may include taking the name of the captured asset and linking this to the request.  This isn't scheduled as of yet.  

We have added a number of new options to the default Progressive Capture Asset form which could also be considered.  The default asset form will provide the automatic linking.



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Hi James

Thanks for the above clarification - I will have a look at the PC Asset form to see about using the default asset form and see how this looks for our Customers. When raising a request as an analyst direct in Service Manager we are linking the asset as it is raised, I just wanted to avoid our Analysts having to remember to link the asset when they work on a request raised on the Self Service portal by the Customer :)

Many thanks as always !

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