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Add a team as a Connections

Sean Teehan

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Thanks for the suggestion @Sean Teehan and the additional support from others. 

There isn't currently the capability to do this, however we can look into this, and we it will be prioritised alongside other feature requests. 

What will help us formulate an approach would be some use case examples of how / where you would see the group connections working for you, and of course support by the community will help from a prioritisation perspective. 


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Hi, @Steven Boardman

To illustrate the use case for my business, we are using Service Manager for logging maintenance requests for our hotels (in addition to the IT team using the system)

In relation to a leaking tap in a hotel room, the request source could be housekeeping (noticed issue when cleaning room) or reception (guest called down to report the issue) but both teams (and maintenance) would need to be kept in the loop of the issue. 

Only maintenance are considered a support team as they are the ones fixing the issues, but the other two teams (who consist of basic users only)  should be aware that the tickets are open and should be able to view and comment (housekeeping - why is the leaking tap not fixed yet?    or reception - the guest complained again about the leaking tap).

In addition I have two levels of management (operations managers and general managers) - the manager request visibility only supports one manager.

I would like ops managers and general managers to be able to see all requests logged by any team (housekeeping, maintenance, reception, or back office teams) across their one hotel (ops managers) or two hotels (general managers).

Hope that helps clarify.



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Hi @Steven Boardman ,


The plan is when a high priority incident is logged for a certain product it would then add a team of connections to that request. Then everyone who is impact or interested in that would be automatically added. If this is done at a team level we will not need to amend the BPM to add these people as connections.



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Hi is there any update on this enhancement?  I would like to be able to add two individuals as connections to requests that are marked as major incidents, via the BPM.  They do happen to be in the same team.  However it would be useful to add more than one connection from different teams to the node in the BPM.


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I would also find this useful

In a request that reports lost/stolen equipment we'd like to be able to email information about the lost item to our data governance team (made up of basic users) to keep them informed of any possible data breach risks. 

There doesn't seem to be a way of doing this without adding individual names which of course change over time. 

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