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DIfferences in date values - one stored in GMT, the other in BST


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When looking for re-scheduled change requests I noticed a discrepancy in the time zone types. The dates stored in the 'Start Time' and 'End Time' fields are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), but in the  scheduled date shown in the Timeline of the call it appears in BST (British Summer Time) which is one hour ahead!



Is this a system setup issue, a minor issue with Hornbill, or something else altogether?

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Hi @TomW

All date times are stored in UTC time in the database which will be the same as GMT.  We then adjust times on the front end based on the user's timezone preferences, hence you see the display time being an hour ahead as this will be in BST  (GMT+1).

Hope that makes sense?

Kind Regards,


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Isn't this fixed with the latest Hornbill Patch -

What's Fixed

  • PM00155858 - Images would not always load when viewing FAQs in the Portal.
  • PM00155972 - Some users reported that they were unable to create Assets.
  • PM00155911 - Date/Time attributes in a Change Request are now formatted based on user's Regional Settings.
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51 minutes ago, Will J Douglas said:

@TomW  Are you pulling the information from the Report Data Collection Preview? 

I found that the the report data collection preview was showing the raw data (in GMT) and the UI and reports were correctly adjusted to my timezone (GMT+4)

I just had a look and yes this does only appear in the preview window. If you run the report the dates are the normal. It looks like the preview window fix was missed in the last batch of updates.

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