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FAQ - ability to add a comment

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Morning all,

My apologies if this is a daft question, I couldn't find anything similar in my search.  Is it possible to allow users to comment on an FAQ?

I know we have the thumbs up, thumbs down feature but I want users to have the ability to provide feedback on the FAQ

Many Thanks


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Hi @Ann-MarieHolloway

There isn't currently a way to add a comment using the FAQ functionality. You could use the customer feedback part to ask questions related to the FAQs, but these won't be linked directly to the FAQs as this customer feedback will require a request logged and resolved first. 

There is a way to report on the user and their feedback per FAQ though, and that information is held in the h_itsm_faqs_feedback table. 

You can use the reporting suite or Advanced Analytics in the admin portal, but not the in-app reporting. The data will show you the FAQ that feedback was given for, the user that gave the feedback, and the rating - which is either 1 for thumbs up, or 0 for thumbs down.

Hope this helps


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At the moment there are no plans to extend the FAQs to include comments.  The original idea behind FAQs was to build a simple list of answers to the most commonly asked questions.  There are plans to look at extending requirements around knowledge aside from the FAQs and documents within Document Manager.  Part of this may include additional ways of providing feedback. 

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@Conor, @James Ainsworth, hi.

Just to let you know that what @Ann-MarieHolloway asked is something that some service owners asked for recently here. This appeared in discussion in our forums because an user had disliked a FAQ and there were no feedback.

This is what have been asked:

"Is there any possibility that we can gather some additional information (anonymously) from the customer when 'Dislike' is selected for an FAQ. Some simple clue or guidance regarding why the FAQ was disliked would help us to improve the contents of the FAQ for the customers."

Anyway: I'll feedback to our service owners that at the moment there are no plans for FAQs to include comments.


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