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Priority Changes - Impact on SLA and on Reporting

Will J Douglas

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Two issues I'm having relating to priority changes on requests.


Firstly - SLA Recalculation.

When an analyst changes a priority, is it possible to force a recalculation of the SLA?  I have two SLA's,  24X7 for Major Incident and High   and business hours for Medium and Low.

Whilst the SLA is set correctly when the ticket is logged and prioritised, if a ticket changes from Low / Medium to High / Major it will be running against the incorrect working calendar.

Is there a way to force a recalculation using the BPM or otherwise whenever a priority is changed?


Secondly - Reporting on Initial Priority.

Does the initial priority for a request get stored or just the current active priority?   At the moment, if a ticket is logged at high and then de-escalated to Medium / Low we lose visibility in the reporting it no longer has high priority set.






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Hi @Will J Douglas there is a setting  guest.app.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.slm.enableAutomatedSLChanges this will allow automatic recalculation of your SLA rules - covered on the wiki here


In regards to the priority field, it will only hold the current priority value, the timeline for each request will show all changes to the priority.  However if you want to retain the original priority, you could use the business process to automatically write the priority value to a custom field, this way if the priority changes in the life of the ticket, you will have:

* Priority field showing the last value

* Timeline showing an audit of all changes 

* A custom field with the oroginal value for reporting against 

If your priority is auto set on logging, or you use a suspend - await priority set, you can follow these options in your business process with a 'GET Request Info' - to basically get the request details at that point in time, and the an Update Request > Custom Fields to map the priority to your chosen custom field (using the variable picker from the Get Request Info node.

You can then include the custom field in your request list custom views, charts, and reports.

Hope that helps


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