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Hornbill Admin missing Apps?

lee mcdermott

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Unfortunately, Harry was a little late to the game, or should I say, there was a timing mismatch between the changes in the Admin tool and the push of application services, so oddly, you will see a HH notice sometime very soon, but I do appreciate the Horse has already bolted so to speak. 

We felt that the changes were quite intuitive (having a new tile called "Applications"), so we had not tried to rush our some form of prior notice, but clearly for at least some this was not the case, our apologies for that. 

The changes have been made to make way for the upcoming ITOM capabilities, the layout makes more sense in that context, and hopefully everyone will get used to clicking the Applications tile to get to their installed applications.




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Guest Ehsan


There are features which are still work in progress - Service Catalog and ITOM were both discussed at Insights. You won't be able to see them yet but watch out for those announcements ;)

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