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All User data query picker list - limitation on number of values to display?

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Hi All,

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I was sure i had seen this in another thread but could not locate said thread!

I have a dynamic drop down select setup, with Data Query as the provider type, and Search All Users as the data provider. This works as expected, other than it appears to only show a list of 10 values in the availble names.

For example I was trying to add a manager in a test with a surname of Shaw, with a first name Nicky, but when viewing the 'Shaw's' displayed when searching this data only shows Customers with a surname Shaw, and first names starting with A through to E - I do not appear to be able to extend this list to get to anyone with a first name starting with an F onwards.

Is there a setting I need to activate or amend to allow viewing of all Customers loaded so that I can view all first name / surname combinations please?

Many thanks


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@Adrian Simpkins the drop down box displayed when searching in text fields is limited to 10 results. I do understand that when typing something that would match more than 10 values/results , the value you woudl seek might not be displayed in the 10 results. The only option currently is, I'm afraid, just to refine the search. With your example in mind, if typing "Shaw" does not display the value for Nicky, then the option would be to type in "Shaw N" so you have the results more refined...

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Hi Victor,

Apologies for not responding to this original response - I guess I missed a notification again :)

So the above was fine advice, and it was indeed how we have been handling the issue of narrowing a search. However, I have noticed that the search facility for narrowing values does not appear to be working correctly at the moment. I have at least 2 customers who I can see are loaded to the System and have active accounts, but we are unable to find their names when we search for them in the Customer field in an existing request. Raising a request is fine, but if we have a request where we need to change the Customer it is failing to locate them. I have used all number of search combinations of the names I want to find, but have not been able to find them to select them in the list.

Has something changed at all as this has not been raised until the last week or so

thanks !

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