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Automatically Set Priority Based on Progressive Capture Answers

Logan Graham

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Hi All,

Hoping you can help me, I am trying to set so when users answer some questions in my PCF it will automatically set the priority in my BPM. 

I have it so it picks up a priority no problem but I would like there to be a decision at the beginning of my BPM that depends on the answers to my questions. 

All the questions are just tick boxes and at the moment I have it set if all 3 are ticked it will raise a P1 but I have been trying to make it so it will raise a P3 if all are unticked. 

The problem I am having is it is ignoring the decision node and just setting as P1 and all the questions are showing in the ticket. Attached is how I have it set up but I think I might just be over complicating things.

Hopefully this makes sense.


Logan G

Change p BPM1.PNG

Change p PCF.PNG

change p1 BPM.PNG

change p3 BPM.PNG

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Guest Paul Alexander

HI @Logan Graham


I'm not sure if this will make any difference, but have you tried using a 'contains' check rather than an 'equals' one in the first decision? 

So, rather than  'Priority Questions == Is This Affecting Others' try 'Priority Questions contains 'Is this affecting others' instead?

From a very quick look at your decision I can't see WHY this would make things any different, but I'm pretty sure that check boxe decisions should use the 'contains' option rather than the 'equals' one.....


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@Logan Graham - the value in the database is not "Is This Affecting Others?" but the value does contain "Is This Affecting Others" which will explain why "==" fails and "contains" works... is all about DB values in these circumstances.

Your question is configured to have a dynamic checkbox group as answers meaning the answer can have multiple values. In this scenario, the values are not stored simply as that (so to speak) therefore always use "contains" when having questions that can have multiple answers (like a checkbox group), unless you really know how the answer value looks like :) 

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  • 4 years later...

Can the priority be set if the answer is a date and I want the priority to be based on this.

For example,

Question - When do you like the work to be completed by?

Answer - Enter Date

If the date is the current month = set the priority to Major etc

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