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Setting an email bounce back message


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We use the Hornbill mailbox (@live.hornbill.com) to send email updates/ resolutions emails to the customer. We also allow staff to update requests by replying to these emails via the routing rules.

We do not want allow staff to raise new requests, or start conversations by sending to the mailbox as this channel is monitored.

Is it possible to have a bounce back message sent if an email is sent to the mailbox that doesn't match any of our routing rules?


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Guest Mary

Hi @nasimg

You may set up a routing rule  which sends out the bounce back message as follows

  1. Set up a service to manage this type of emails
  2. Create a routing rule which logs a request against the service created in step 1 above
  3. Create a business process which assigns the call to a team, sets the status to close  and sends out an email with your required message e.g. "This mailbox is not monitored. Please raise all requests via the Portal"
  4. Ensure the rule created in step 2 above is the last rule processed by your email routing 

Hope this helps


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