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Asset picker - getting 'Error in stored query'

Adrian Simpkins

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I have got the customer picker working fine using a dynamic drop down select box, with a data query against All Users but when trying the asset data query I keep getting 'Error in stored query - please check log fo rmore details'. I have an an asset picker node working but this is not such a smooth operation as having a picker field like the User list. Anyone know why I am getting this error at all please !

Also, where do I check the log for more details?

Many thanks as always

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Hi Armando

Yes I was trying to get asset picker working in a Progressive Capture - I have the below working on some of our PC's but I wanted to try and get the picker option working as its much easier for our Customers :)

These shots show how I have got asset picker working:


The screen shot below shows how I was trying to configure the asset picker - this method is giving the error above when I use the PC as a Customer to test the flow:


Many thanks !

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

it seems like the issue is caused by the query returning more results  than the max number allowed. 
The max number of results allowed is defined in the following app setting api.xmlmc.queryExec.maxResultsAllowed .

Can you raise the app setting to a value higher than the total number  of assets and  try again, please?   Then confirm that this fixes the issue ?
In the meantime, I will report this problem; the number of results returned by the query should be capped to the value specified in the app setting.



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HI Armando

OK so we currently have 27389 assets - maximum I can increase the value to is 25000. I have updated the maxResultsAllowed to 25000 and still getting the 'Error in Stored Query' error message so the issue is still there

Thanks !

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Hi Armando

Just to confirm I have updated Service Manager with the fix for this, and it is now working as expected and I am able to search for an Asset - thank you for the quick fix.

However, I did try to go back into api.xmlmc.queryExec.maxResultsAllowed to change the max results from 25000 to something above our maximum number of assets, but it will still only let me set a limit of 25000 so I was not sure if this should have been amended as part of this fix?

Many thanks

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