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Report which includes all the audit trail actions


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I have a report that shows me all calls for a paritcvular service with a few columns like date created, summary etc. I'm doing some trend analyis in power bi on keywords and could do with the whole of the audit trail for calls. Is there a way to add the audit trail to a report? I guess it would make export massive, maybe removing system updates? I know I can print the content of each call indivdually but I'm looking to pull the data in all at once.

any thoughts?

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Hi @chriscorcoran all the updates to a requests timeline are held in the h_buz_activities table you will need to join this table with the h_itsm_requests table and you may then want to include / exclude entries in the table based on the value in the h_type column in the h_buz_activities table i.e system - the forum post below gives details on the join you will need and a sample report with it in.  

As you say the report could be massive, and the max rows you can export is 25,000. and i believe powerbi has some limitation on size when using the R Script data import method.  If you are hitting these challenges with the size of your reports, then there is an option to export the reports to a local database, and then from there you can use different methods to upload the data into Powerbi


Hope that helps

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