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Widget display when no results are returned


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We've got a widget on one of our dashboards that displays all requests owned by a certain team that will breach within 24 hours. It has the headings reference, fix target and owner.

When there are no requests belonging to that team that are due to breach in 24 hours, it shows the column headings but nothing underneath (below). Is there something we can configure so that it 1) doesn't show the headings at all, or 2) states "no results found" (or similar) below the headings?


Some staff may see that and think the widget isn't working correctly, as the headings are displayed but no requests!



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Hi Alisha,

The behaviour was originally that the charts would show no text, just an empty chart.  The request from your college was to add the text which we have done.  I agree with the addition of the text stating that there is no data.  Charts can sometimes look as if they are broken without this.

I believe that this string can be translated if you would like to change what it says.  I'm not 100% sure but this may be the translation string that needs to be adjusted.  However, I'm not sure where else it is used so you may find it affects multiple locations.


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