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I have created an FAQ which includes text and a hyperlink to a video. The visibility on the Portal is set to 'Both' & the Status is set to Publish.

The customer sees the FAQ via the portal, they click on the video link and they view the content as well as the video.


However; the issue we are getting is when we are adding the FAQ as a solution from the Support analysts point of view.   We select the 'solutions' icon from the action bar, locate the FAQ needed and select to 'Accept Soluition' the text appears only no hyperlink to the video appears?,

The email template received by the customer also doesn't include the video.


I have checked the Hornbill wiki for this and all looks ok.  Am I missing something? 





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Guest Ehsan


We have raised a defect to include the media link in the Resolution text when accepting an FAQ as the solution. For your information, the reference for this defect is PM00156529.


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