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I am trying to locate the Reports which were discussed at Insights, these reports were the ones where Hornbill had already setup re: Customer Satisfaction i.e. allowing us to see ratings against each service etc.

The option which needed to be enabled had been at our surgery session, however; the reports still did not appear.


I was advised that we would be put down to use the beta version, it would be great to know when the beta version will be available. We were advised that there would be no issues using the beta version and that Hornbill would be happy to receive our feedback.


Thought I would add here just in case:).





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@Shamaila.Yousaf  you need to have the following right to see the reporting option under the Service Manager tile:

* Service Manager Reporting

In the admin console you will also need to enable the following system setting:

Admin Console > Service Manager > System Settings


This will then show the following option:


You will find some of the reports shown at INSIGHTS in there now, but the next Service Manager update due out early next week will add to this as follows:

* Ability to use custom columns to build report criteria

* Ability to use custom column data in the report columns you configure to display

* Additional reports including:

Incidents and Problems fixed by a Change

Incidents and Problems caused by a Change

Requests with Connections

Requests with Overdue Tasks

Closed Requests

Also recall that each of the existing reports allows you to create you own custom reports, so for example the default Active Reports could be used to create hundreds of variants using the clause builder and the grouping options, for example

Open Incidents by Team, or Priority, Site etc

Active Service Requests Raised in the last 30 days by 

Hope this helps and do look out for the next Service Manager update next week which will give you lots more capability 



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@Steven Boardman Do you mean the 'Service Manager In-App Reporting' role?

I'll get someone to provide me with the access as I don't have the rights to add myself.


The request with connections is one that I have been waiting for so will be sure to keep an eye out on the update next week to view the other available.





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Guest Ehsan

@Shamaila.Yousaf Looks like we have a defect here, since I'm also able to recreate this error. This will require further investigation; as your organisation is subscribed to Hornbill's Premier Success plan, you can raise this with our Support team who will investigate this and provide you with regular updates. I'm sure you have these details already; you can raise a Support request through https://www.hornbill.com/support

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