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New Customer Service Portal


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At Insights it was discussed that there the new customer portal will be coming out in the near future - this excites me a lot!... This will allow our users will have an even more better customer experience when this go live.

Is there a possibility for us to have access to the beta version?


On another note, will our current setup transfer over to the new automatically? i.e. the FAQs etc?

I am looking to publish our FAQs soon so not sure whether it was worth holding off etc?


Can I also double check that there are plans in  the future for our users to access the new service portal to log requests via their android smartphone?




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I think the first question is answered here.

The Service Portal will work fine on any device with a web browser, customers can just go to service.hornbill.com/<INSTANCENAME> as normal on a phone or tablet. For that matter, Users can go to the live portal in the same way.

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Cheers Steve.


I am positive I was informed that customers could only view their requests, however; I have checked and calls can be logged via a mobile,

However; the visibility is not great :rolleyes:.


BTW thanks for all your support at the Insights this year, dare I say it but it was nice catching up with you!




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