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Hi Support, 

I've noticed when using the WYSIWYG I get the below errors when sending and email. 

  1. The text area shows one view of what you've typed but then formats a different view after sending (mainly related to text spacing and fonts)
  2. If I copy and paste some text it randomly chooses the font which I then cannot change after highlighting the text and selecting my preferred font e.g. Arial 

All in all, I was hoping that changing the WYSIWYG version or type could be left to the Admin to set. 

The simple version being used on this Forum would be perfect. 

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Mike is talking about the Email request update option within a Service Manager request

When we try to format or copy and paste things in, formatting goes a bit weird.  E.G. plain text paste results in a different font to the template font.  Text size has to be 16pt to be readable size - compared to 11pt in other email apps.  It does work a bit better since last update, but still a bit tricky to use.


Stuart T-C

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Guest Paul Alexander

Just jumping in here.....

We're having trouble with email formatting too. 

Copying and pasting from other programmes (Outlook or Word for example) always seems to end up with the formatting all over the place - with extra spaces and line breaks and different fonts. Using the 'paste from Word' or 'paste as Plain text' options don't seem to make much difference either.


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Hi @Victor

Hope you are keeping safe. 

Just following up on this request. 

Any idea if this has been added to the development pipeline? 

I know this is more of a nice to have, rather than a major update / fix but would be great to know if there is a timeline to implement. 


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