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Add co-worker email from variable

Dan Munns

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Can we have the ability to add a co-worker email from a variable please. 

This is in the BPM > Email notifications > Email co-worker. I need to be able to add the co-worker from a variable but at the moment I only the a user picker. 



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Hi @Dan Munns 

I may not fully understand the requirement but would the following work for you?

1. In Progressive Capture use the User Picker under Dynamic data pickers to select your co-worker

2. In your business process use the option to add a connection using a variable (raw value of the progressive capture question in step one) and defining their connection type.

3. Use the requestconnections > connections > email connections business process option to send an email to connection types of your choice (i.e the user you have added above)


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Hi @Steven Boardman 

I don't really want to add the person as a connection as this could muddy the waters with who is interested/impacted and who just needs certain information at a certain time which is what the email is for.

Also the person will be selected on a human task and I cant see the option of anything other than a group picker on the task captures. 

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