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Task Capture Fields & Custom Fields


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So I've enabled experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields and created a few task capture fields as attached, making them custom fields K & R.  I then use variables in later human tasks to pull in these custom fields but the entries aren't coming through.  What am I doing wrong?







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Hi @SJEaton good to see you at INSIGHTS last week.

A couple of things you could do here.

1. If the second task (the one you want to inject the variables into) is in the same stage as the task with the custom fields which collects the extra data, then you don't have to write the answers to a custom fields to use it as variables in the second task - you can simply use the Variable Picker and choose the questions from the previous task, the custom questions will appear in the available variables to inject


2. If you need / want to store the answers to the task custom questions in the custom fields of the request (for various good reasons), then i am not sure the custom field mapping i.e h_custom_a in the field id will work like it does in progressive capture.  Instead you will need to do the following.

* After your task node, which captures the custom info, use an Update Request node > Custom Fields, and use the variable picker to update the required custom fields from the questions from the task custom fields

* Add a Get Request Info > Request Details node so that you can then use these newly updated values from the custom fields in future task nodes in the stage. 

* If you are wanting to use the custom field values in a future stage, you will need to remember to add a Get Request Info > Request Details node in those subsequent stages in order to get the values held in the custom fields of the request

Hope this helps


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