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Active Tasks for Closed Calls


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I have been asked to chase up tasks that are older than a certain date. I can find the tasks older than this date, but have noticed that there are a lot of 'approval' tasks which are still active, but belong to closed calls. These tasks are the ones that were sent out to all people who are in a group of approvers, where only one or some of them need to give approval for the call to progress.

Is there a way 'auto-close' these tasks once a call has been closed or cancelled?

The only way I can think of stopping this from happening in the first place, is in the business process that processes the call. Although this won't resolve this in calls that were raised before the business process change.


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Hi Tom,

When you have an authorization using the Authorization Task and there are multiple authorizers, once the required number of authorizers have responded, the other authorizations are automatically cancelled.

There are two settings that may help.


The second setting will make sure that those that have activities that are yet to be completed are forced to complete before they can resolve.

Tasks and Authorisations also have expiry options in the BPM.  Going forward, you may find that there are places where this can be used to automatically complete these if they are not done within a set time frame.

In the next Service Manager update we are also including a new report that lets you find requests that have overdue activities.  Hopefully you will have this next week.


Let know if you think any of these would help.



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Thanks for the information about auto-closing tasks, I'll speak to the relevant people in our office about this.

The reports also look useful as it should reduce the amount of work needed for finding old calls and overdue activities (the list of these reports is growing and some are quite complex).

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