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Log on behalf of.......have I missed something?!

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


At Hornbill Insights last week, I'm sure I saw a 'log on behalf of' option in one of the demos - but I can't seem to find how that was achieved! 

Is this something that is available now, or is it something which is going to be made available soon? 



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@David Longley So there are a few things to consider here, firstly in response to your specific questions:

1. Can i add a connection to a request from the service portal (in the example of raised on behalf of) - Yes

2. Can a connection to a request see the requests they are connected too via the service portal - No

At the Insights customer event earlier in the year we gave a preview of the new employee portal, the one which will supersede the existing service portal, and a number of the new features were specific to that new portal.  Having said that, and because the new employee portal is not yet available, the ability for connections to view the requests they are connected to was added to the existing My Services view which is in the User app, not the service portal.  

So to come back to your question. 

in your progressive capture designer in your custom forms, you can add a question using the data query - Search all users / basic users / co-workers (whichever is appropriate to you)


This can be used to get the userid of the user you want to add to the request as a connection, of connection type Raised on Behalf Of (connection types are definable on your instance in a simple list, under the service manager app in the admin console.

This will then display something like below on the Service Portal, or the My Services views. 


In your supporting business process, you can use the Add Connection node to add a connection as a variable option, and if you have used a Get Request > PCF questions node first, you can use the variable picker to look up the user picker question from your Progressive capture flow and add them as a connection to the request of what ever type you choose. 

You can then manage connections visibility to requests on the My Services view in the user app (not the service portal), from each service in the service portfolio


Resulting in the connection option being visible in the request list in the my services view (see URL for my demo instance below)


You can follow the progress to the launch of the new employee portal on this forum thread 


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