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Multiple Drop Down Options

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I'm trying to create a Service Request that has tick boxes and based on the tick boxes this will bring up drop down boxes to add additional information. I've managed to get the drop down boxes to appear, however I'd like to know if there's a way to have more than one tick box selected and the corresponding drop down boxes all at the same time? Currently I can only get one drop down to appear if I have all three tick boxes with additional fields ticked.

I've added some screenshots for some clarification.




Multiple Fields.PNG


Field Settings.PNG

Custom Form.PNG

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@Sophie Springett In your override flags you will need to set it so that it shows the field if the drop down contains one or any of the drop down options. 

So you need to set the conditions on ICE as such:


Do that for each conditional field and if you select multiple options in the drop down it will show all relevant conditional fields.

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I am so sorry for hijacking this thread but how did u get dark mode in Hornbill @Dan MunnsMunns? Could you detail that in a post? 

But to be on topic for @Sophie Springett, it is always important to use the l "contains" operator (as Dan advised) instead of "equal to" because if you have a list box, when the list is submitted into the system with multiple values selected, the output are saved into a single field, separated by commas. 

For example  "ICE, eCare, eCare Navigation"

Basically with "equal to" the override flag will look something like this

"ICE, eCare, eCare Navigation" - equal to - "ICE" 

That query doesn't make sense. This however does.. 

" ICE, eCare, eCare Navigation" - contains - "ICE" 

I hope that makes sense (hard to see and type on my phone but I tried) 



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@samwoo a quick google for the term 'dark reader' will take you to a Chrome plugin which sets the whole web dark (but in a good way, not like the bad way discussed on day 1 of Insights ;) ). You can set the colour scheme a little and set exceptions as well. Sites which are already dark (a popular WoW site comes to mind) will be exceptions be default so not to screw with the UI. 

A word of warning though, dark mode + grid mode in BPM designer = bad day

@Kelvin no worries. Every day is a school day and I learn loads from here as well :) 

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