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Show custom field data in the 'Customer' section of a call log

Drew Davies

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Hi all,


As in the title, I was wondering if it's possible to add and label the data from the custom fields of a user's record so that it appears under the 'Customer' section of a call log? Currently we have fairly standard info in there such as company, job title and contact details etc.

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@Drew Davies sure, sorry i should have mentioned this before :)

Here is my attribute 1 field in the customer section showing the label status


To achieve this you can go onto your profile view, or navigate to a co-workers view Home > Co-workers from the menu(as below), you will need the role Form Designer to see a design option in the blue line. 


Click on this and bring up the designer.

Now click on the + option to add a new attribute field to the view. 



You can now choose which of your spare attribute fields to use, most importantly you can give it the display label that will replace the Attribute 1 default value. 


Once you have this, click apply.

Now this will re-label the field, so when you view it in the customer section on the request it will carry this display label across. 

Before you hit APPLY CHANGES  you have some considerations.

1. This field was not visible on the user profile before, and it may hold information which you don't want all users to see (if they visit a co-workers view), if this is the case, you can choose to continue hiding this field from the user view by clicking on the EYE icon next to the new field and this will then make it hidden (as before)

Hiding the field on the user view, will not impact on displaying the same field in the customer section on the request view (if you have enabled this)

2. If you are happy for this field to be visible on the co-workers view, for others you can drag and drop it into the required position - this can include moving into another section on the form, as well as between fields in the existing section on the form.

Once you are happy with option 1 or 2, click APPLY CHANGES and these will take effect. 


Hope this helps



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