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Teams to Hornbill via Flow

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Morning @Martyn Houghton @Dan Munns @Malcolm 

One of the questions on the Integration Round Table yesterday was: Can we write to a Hornbill Activity Stream (workspace) when a message has been added to a channel on Microsoft Teams? The answer is yes :D 

I've knocked up an example flow to demonstrate how that could work for you:


You just need to replace the instance ID in the URI with that of your instance, the Authorization header needs a valid API key for an account that can write to the activity stream, and of course the activityStreamId in the body will need replacing with yours :) And this is what was written to the workspace in Hornbill:


Note I'm using the HTML to Text node to strip out any HTML tags from the comment, as un-encoded HTML in the XML payload would cause the API call to fail.

Hope this helps,


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Hi @Steve G 

Good presentation and good to meet you yesterday with @Aaron Summers.

Really appreciate you demonstrating this as we can visualise it and take other ideas forward. 

I wonder if there could be a searchable repository for sharing and viewing this kind of content?



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Hi @samwoo,

Thank you :D Was great meeting you both too.

That's a good suggestion - I think this sub-forum is probably the correct place for this type of content, but adding tags to the posts might be a good way to easily search and retrieve them? Would save on having a separate sub-forum, or using a third-party tool like Github Gists... I'll have a think about suitable tags, and get that set up!



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