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Hornbill Timezone issue


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We're currently experiencing an issue with timezones in Hornbill, I would like to set our timezone to British Summer Time (BST) but do not have an option to in the application or system options, this is throwing out scheduled times being passed into Hornbill from outside sources (JIRA etc)

Is there a solution to this problem?



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Hi Andrew

This may be related to a similar issue I see in Changes

Hopefully a fix will out shortly to resolve this


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@Andytaylor93 there's no need to select BST as (like your computer/phone etc...) it will automatically adjust when it happens. We still store the GMT times, but we try to show the current offset. I guess JIRA is sending across the BST time rather than UTC/GMT?

Depending on how this data is being imported, I would suggest converting it to UCT/GMT before it gets to Hornbill, because that's the format we would expect it to be in.

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