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Self Service Home Page image not displaying when Bulletins turned on


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We have a background image set on our Self Service that displays nicely - as long as no bulletins are active.

When we publish a bulletin the bulletin image/text appears OK but the normal homepage image suddenly goes blank...

Is this because the homepage image is a link whereas the bulletin background image is uploaded??  

hbss 3.jpg

hbss 2.JPG

hbss 1.JPG

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Hi @SimonSheldon

Thanks for the post.  I've just been testing this out, I've set my home page image to a web URL which displays correctly and if I publish a bulletin I don't seem to see any blank views, I just see the home page image as expected.

Not sure if I'm missing something in the replication steps or perhaps you could advise which browser you see this on to check if its a browser issue, I tested in Chrome initially and looks fine.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Simon,

I noticed that there is a space in the file name gtl banner2.png 

This is a bit of a guess but might be worth testing.  Prior to adding the bulletins it simply displays this image, which as you say works fine.  Once you add a bulletin, the view then uses a slide show component to scroll through the bulletins and the main image.  I wonder if this slide show component is having some trouble with this space.  

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