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Duplicated request feedback

Alberto M

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Hello all.

I found that I have a request where I got duplicated feedback data from the user.

Is this something that happened to anybody here before?

What can cause this?

I'm planning to delete the duplicated records using Database Direct - will this be fine?

(sorry if this seems to be very basic questions, but I'm not yet very experienced in Hornbill Admin)

Thanks and regards,




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Hi @Alberto M

because h_field_type is a multiOptions (list of checkboxes) , then the same question may have multiple answers.

So, for h_feedback_question_id = 68, for example, the customer checked 2 options: the number 1 and the number 5.

It doesn't seem they are duplicates.



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I believe this never happened in the past - but the admin here was another person that left the company.

I can delete the unwanted responses from the feedback and leave it like that for now and try to monitor the db with a simple SQL script from time to time.

Thanks for your help and investigation.


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