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Reporting based on Tasks


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As part of our change process we have a task for CERFs (when a change goes wrong), I am trying to find a way to pull out the task questions and answers that relate to specific tasks e.g.

Task Title - CERF form for CHxxxxxxx
Please enter the date that the change took place
Give details of any unplanned outcomes
What specific actions were taken to mitigate the unplanned outcomes?
List recommendations to avoid these these outcomes in the future, including resources required

We would then like a report based on the task(s) to display this information clearly so that we can keep tabs on the responses, also there is a subsequent task that happens after this which is the recommendations from CAB, which we would also like to include at the end of the request after it is closed.

Has anyone ever done anything like this?

I have got as far as getting the task information although it pulls a lot of other tasks not related, but also we cannot find an easy way to format the reports in Service Manager i.e. change the layouts etc

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@Jeremy sorry, no built in solution, not for what you need here I'm afraid... :( 

You can get a report to only pull the tasks you need, relevant ones, what you can't get is the formatting, a table/report header like:

Request - Question 1/Answer 1 - Question 2/Answer 2 - Question 3/Answer 3 ...

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